Yo BrO, gOt SoPoR?

So, just an average human being. But I enjoy RPing on MSPARP. My fandoms include Homestuck, DR Who, Sherlock, Death Note, Soul Eater, and Zelda. Also, Vampire knight, Black Butler, Kid Icarus, Winnie the Pooh and Invader Zim. (So I'm in a lot of fandoms. Sue me.) Anyways, I live with my little brother, and am studying in school to become a video game designer. Shit's sweet, friend. Anywho, follow I guess. I'm usually on MSPARP, but I'm never the same person for very long. So just send me an ask if you wanna know who I'm being today. Thanks for reading my long and pointless bio. Now go get a life. #msparp
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